twin space

The journey had been long...
tedious...full of hairpin turns...
bends foreseen full of puns
bends unseen with diabolic chance;

but pushing up the hill
came to a flattop...
can't move more
for the hill comes to the fullest stop
from where one could only drop
some fifty feet chasm deep...
lying down had a peep
God! only having wings one could try
to move smooth through the
but the journey had been a macabre one
lost wings of the white swan
so lied moveless like a stone
felt clouds happily so far airborne
inscribing songs to my bone...

Eyes closed tried to ease
with my mind fathomed the breeze
it had the smell of God
surely it had penetrated my bod
for felt I had dreamt of me
Going out of all physicality...
there there saw myself asleep
And felt like a superb mind freak
Being at two places at the same time
on the top of the hill lying flat
and afloat without any effort on a magic mat...

'Now you don't need any wings
Wings had become part of your being...
But to keep you there for long
you need to shut externalities strong...'
Heard Him whispering into my ear
as if He divulged a secret fair...


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