silent note...

I think I have made a silent note
Of the smell of chatim in the air... how it floats
And also of the mild chilly nip
Into which yellow streetlights dip
and the conical luminance getting dense
 falling like a shower on my heart's barbed fence...
And also by chance on my palms like a mirth
Perhaps noted a song, waiting for nocturnal birth...

Perhaps I have found it right
How in glittery black saree, the night-
Walks the ramp of the sky crossing hip
Before I die in my autumnal sleep...
And see so many shades of you
Laughing, smiling,leaving enough cues
For me to lay awake all through my prosaic plane...
Till the whistle of the dream bound train
Leaves the night air bestirred with a tale
Of you winning it all without fail...

I have made a silent note...
Of songs never coming out of your throat
I have, perhaps, observed quiet
How like beads of your sweat
My little hopes of foolish love rest
On your shoulders bare, fully blessed!


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