Kaash flowers of the morn...

From the window when she saw
The kaash white on bloom ...on shine
Kissed by the first rays of morn so sublime
She forgot for the time being
That she had works in hand
She went to her girlhood land...

Twenty years ago...
She had such autumnal morn
Such golden kaash on bloom
Such white jovial hues filled her girly room...
And her dad...her dearest friend...would with a twinkle in his eyes
Ask her if she would love to run
Through those kaash flowers under the new born sun...
And she would just nod her tiny head
With round eyes she would just gaze
At the meadows...open field
Green dotted by whitest cottony things...
She would then take a jump and plunge
Into the soft wavy grass...she would lunge
- an animated sprint...so full of life!
Those kaash flowers waved then with supranormal delight...

Girlhood of those times are now gone
She now travels by car all alone...
Her father's white hair she still could see
In forms of kaash flowers waving in glee...


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